autumn flavored linky-doos

I always say Fall when speaking, but when I write I use Autumn. It's much more romantic.crazypretty1.JPG Things that have pleased me in the last week: The trees are turning for real now. We had some good rain and now it's cool and crisp. Soup season has begun. I dug out some gloves for my morning walk. I'm craving cinnamon in everything. Autumn-y photos make me happy: disappearing a walk friday A few inspirational projects: This vest. The entire outfit really. But in my size. Lauren's in-progress Post-It Note quilt. Such perfect colors. Not particularly Autumnal but worth visiting: Rachel's new Etsy Shop. I hope she adds some of these soon. Eeeek! sunny yellow1.JPG Big plans for an Autumn day (with no school): Sweet rolls and hot coffee. Mail a package or two. A little hike with cameras. Mine and his. Snooping around a book store. I'm putting together a requested tutorial for Monday. Then the rest of the week it'll just be photographs. I'm in need of a little break to make some art. Have a great weekend!